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Sun, Beach and Surf

Located in a privileged coastal area of ​​beautiful and exotic beaches, surrounded by a thick jungle with infinity of flora and fauna, in Sayulita you can breathe a cosmopolitan air, it also has a similar vibe to the one that was promulgated in the sixties: love and peace, an encounter with nature in a friendly and relaxed environment. Young people, adults and children live equally in these beaches where the sound of drums accompanies a conversation between friends, a party, a meal or the pleasure of walking along the seashore.

If you decide to spend your holidays in this destination, the options to stay are wide. In its cobbled streets you will find from small businesses with delicious traditional dishes, bakeries where they offer a wide variety of freshly baked bread that can be accompanied with iced tea or delicious coffee and, of course, chic restaurants on the shore of the beach where you can enjoy of a romantic candlelight dinner. And romance is another essential ingredient of Sayulita, an ideal destination for honeymooners and couples who want to marry the Pacific landscape as a backdrop.

• Its sea waves, suitable for international surfing competitions
• The Sayulita Pantheon
• The public square
• The ejido hall
• The stadium or sports unit
• Monkey Hill
• The Beaches: Los Muertos, Kestos and Patzcuarito
• Mountain biking routes
• Landscape of the King
• Nesting sites (bird watching and whale watching)

Discover Sayulita on video

Art could not be missed in this unique town, and in your walk through the streets of Sayulita you will find several art galleries and Mexican crafts especially Wixárika art emblem of this destination, where the best gifts are offered for your return to Home: Chaquira jewelry, silk rebozos, woolen garments, wicker baskets, clay sculptures ... in short, a great sample of what craftsman produce throughout Mexico.

Finish your day with a horseback ride to the shore of the beach, or with a walk to the shore of the sea while watching the intrepid surfers waiting for the next great wave considered one of the main attractions of this fishing tradition town, to which lovers of this sport come from all corners of the world. Surfing and Stand Up Paddle are the favorite activity in its waves, in which thousands of people per year get on a board to run a wave for the first time in their life. It is the most popular destination in Riviera Nayarit for its hippie chic style, colorful, inclusive, and full of good vibes.

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