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La Tovara


Mangrove, Spring and Sun

La Tovara is a spring located in the municipality of San Blas Nayarit (Mexico), which gives rise to a natural freshwater pond in the middle of an estuary at the base of a mountain range. The area is very large and full of natural channels between the jungle that flow into the Matanchén Bay in the Pacific Ocean. The vegetation is lush and full of tropical plants, including giant ferns and mangroves, and a diverse fauna that includes crocodiles, turtles, jaguars, ocelots, armadillos, and a great variety of birds and fish.

You can visit the place by boat on a trip through these channels by embarking either at a site called "La Aguada" near the port of San Blas (long trip) or at the tourist pier of La Tovara (short trip). Once in the canals you can go, always by water, to a nearby crocodile and to the set where the movie "Cabeza de Vaca" was filmed. The Tovara is found in so called wetland lands, important for the biodiversity of Mexico especially in waterfowl (white heron, pink heron "pico de espatula", Garza canela pico de bote ", tiger heron, flamingos, Luisvienteveos, among others). This site has been recognized as a RAMSAR site in Mexico,

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The historic port of San Blas is a warm place where the beauty of its tropical vegetation and the tranquility of its beautiful beaches, go hand in hand with its history in which pirate attacks, colonial expeditions and glorious fighting for the independence of Mexico are combined. You cannot miss visiting the San Basilio Hill, where you can see the remains of the Fort of La Contaduria and the Temple of the Virgen del Rosario "La Marinera". To find something to eat, you can visit El Borrego beach, 2 km from the center of San Blas, where you will find several restaurants on the beach. We also recommend you to know the small, but beautiful main square and not leave without first trying a famous "Coco Loco" in the bar of the same name.

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