Nayarit comes from Naayeri: "Son of God who is in heaven and in the Sun", it is a paradise that offers unique experiences. "Nayarit falls in love" is the presentation at the local, national and international level of our state, which allows us to create links with people and promote it as a destination with various options to visit. We have a unique wealth in culture and traditions. We also host tourist developments that offer the best services; the same as a meeting point for important international sporting events, such as sport fishing, surfing or golf tournaments and more. Among the beauty of our geography and coastlines you can find the Wixárikas and their culture that is a symbol of our state, famous for its colorful and distinctive handicrafts made of chaquira or thread. We invite you to discover it!




Discover the beauty of unparalleled paradises of nature and know the culture and traditions of our magical towns. With the passage of time, Nayarit has been positioning itself as a tourist destination, thanks to the great natural wealth in flora and fauna, the mysticism of its millenary culture, traditions and history, the gastronomic heritage that exists in the state and friendliness, being the seal of his people; features found in every corner of this prestigious place.

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Knows our Gastronomy

In Nayarit we have a vast gastronomy where the richness of our fertile land and its fruits merge, with the delights that the sea offers us. From which, emblematic dishes such as shaken fish have emerged, prepared with snapper that is smoked with mangrove wood; the fish and shrimp chicharrón; tlaxtihuilli, of pre-hispanic origin, consisting of a mixture of corn atole, shrimp powder and chili; the shrimp and chicken pate of Ixtlán del Río, fried with potatoes, pumpkin and lettuce in tomato sauce with oregano; and tejuino, which is our quintessential drink, of wixárika origin prepared with corn dough, brown sugar and fermented for a few days, this drink is one of our legacies to the world. We invite you to meet it, you will love it!


Pescado Zarandeado

Traditional dish of our coastal area comes from the Island of Mexcaltitán

Maíz Morado

Millennial Tradition of our natives.